Slova povzbuzení od našeho vedení


Slova povzbuzení od našeho vedení

Přinášíme slova povzbuzení od našeho vedení.

Zveřejnil(a) Adventisté v Břeclavi dne Sobota 21. března 2020

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  • darsale

    Subscribe to Bright Side :
    We count down our picks for the best 40 iPhone apps of 2019. Is this year’s list better than last year?
    #40. Cinekd for iPad
    Hoo boy, Cinekd is a definite treasure trove for movie lovers as it offers some of the best Lucasfilms imaginable: Star Wars, The Phantom Menace, and Star Wars: The

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  • thincla

    As long as you keep your collection in your Kindle Cloud, you’ll never be far away from books.

    Epubor KCR Converter is a pain-free tool for those looking to convert KCR files. The app is capable of easily converting PDF/EPUB files over to the Kindle store, in a matter of minutes. There’s no need to go through the process of registering, and app saves you the chance of selecting the wrong format. What it does, it does

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  • iretersk

    Data Mining: A Machine Learning Approach By R. E. Schapire, S. A. Sibson,
    and W. V. Moody:Softcover, 1997: | Book Condition: New 00603710916
    Another way to answer a question is to take the natural approach and describe the problem, which is known as the deductive approach to problem solving. In most cases, a new problem is created based on solving a problem of similar complexity in the past. Then, the easiest way to solve the problem is to find a set of simple rules to describe the problem in terms of the domain. Of

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  • thorjair

    Download screenshots at the end of this post.
    As we saw above, the theme fine-tunes the original Aurora New-Wave Metallic to perfectly match and enhance the actual Aurora: Very deep blue-violet hue, a beautiful slow fade in the background lighting, and a circular selection and palette change in the lower-right corner.
    The theme then goes the extra mile and pairs nicely with Windows Vista Dark! It’s a subtle theme that matches the design perfectly. The Northern Sunset

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  • diofiny

    But with all of the options in mind, the program is a worthy piece of software if you are looking to change your brain states in a specific way.
    You can download the software from Gnaural’s website.

    Disclaimer: We are a review site all reviews from Badass Digest staff, and other user submissions. If you own copyright of any of the products listed on this site, and want us to delete or alter your review, please contact us directly using our contact page

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  • ichhesp

    Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android has undergone a number of changes in recent years, from being a strict Java clone to a fully J2ME application. However, with the introduction of the Pocket Edition of Android’s mobile version as well as the comeback of the full Java edition, the game is far from the same as in its earlier times.
    The Pocket Edition of Minecraft has been designed to provide a polished and developed version of Minecraft that uses the controls and layout we have come to expect

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  • chermans

    Created by Sivan Kanduth, it is based on W3C’s XHTML Basic 1.1 specification.

    Mozile 0.3The first release of Mozile: Mozilla Inline Editor version 0.3.


    Beta versionNote: The purpose of the beta version of Mozile is to prove the concept of the project. The final release of the final product will most likely be quite different from what is offered in this version.Mozile

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  • fernfay

    These policies can be easily configured using local and remote SolarWinds FSM policies.

    SolarWinds FSM supports all firewall manufacturers and is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Solaris, Linux, and macOS.

    SolarWinds FSM is part of SolarWinds NBD family of security tools (NBD Analyzer, NBD Sequencer, NBD Netflow Analyzer, etc.).

    User interface

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  • valeces

    MIXW includes many new features, the main of which is the reception of the SSB signals. The feature allowed one to change your mode and frequency. While Rodeo units are available separately that offer this function by using special ROL units. Besides that the parameter modes include:

    Code – is only used when you recieve a message with PRECISION FINE PIN, and the entire message matches the Code. The only exception is BLEI which can be mixed

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  • kristrev

    Today we are taking a


    of the Visual Configuration Explorer SDK. Visual Configuration Explorer SDK is not an easy technology to grasp and even

    with SDK

    we still need to get


    how to create extensions and how to get started.

    Continue reading…

    There is always something new with the technology. There are enhancements in the SDKs and there are new features as well and it is not all that easy to grasp. Visual

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  • nelwsast

    While this software will not be suited to every IP address owner, it will a great tool which is quick and easy to use.

    Domain DNS Hosting

    Why Use a Domain DNS Hosting Service

    You already know that DNS is the process of translating your domain name into an IP address for people accessing your website.If you use a domain DNS hosting service, you don’t have to memorize complicated server names and IP addresses for each of your domains.Your hosting service

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  • goldolea

    Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 CC 2018 CC 2019
    Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 CC 2019 CC 2020
    Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 CC 2019 CC 2020
    Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 CC 2020 CC 2021
    Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 CC 2021 CC 2022
    Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 CC 2021 CC 2022
    CC Studio Version CC Unrated CC CC 2021 CC 2020
    CC Studio CC Unrated CC CC 2021 CC 2020
    CC Studio CC Unrated CC CC 2021 CC

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  • justgar

    Genuine Flowers shipped to your loved one give you a beautiful experience, and sometimes it hurts to see them die. A heartbroken flower might not be the best instance to show off your support to someone, but you should know what you are doing.
    LoveBoat, a testimonial app developed by StartupGenius, aims to make this task easier by providing up-to-date information about whether those flowers really were sent with loving and caring heart. But before the delivery arrives,

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  • jamire

    As you can see, the application is highly packed with features and functionalities. In addition to that, it has a modern and attractive user interface. Therefore, this application is a must-have for all the users that want to work with various XML technologies.

    UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/32.0.1700.76 Safari/

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  • erickaml

    Repository hosting and handling

    The Portico distribution can be downloaded from GitHub. To setup your instance, first clone the project:

    git clone

    This will create a directory, named as indicated above, which contains the project software. You will most likely want to configure Portico to run on your preferred VCS. This is described in detail under the “Repository hosting and handling”

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  • lestmarj

    Dernière mise à jour le vendredi 02

    Reactorer les avis sur AV-Test


    According to AV-Test, this application can be used for designing packaging and cards which come packed with specific features.
    Intuitive layout
    Although this product comes with a rich feature lineup, it reveals an easy-to-use layout where most of the operations can be

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  • nergerw

    With the technical advantages of a package and the personal touch of personalized office organization design, XLiverr_DeskMate gives you a great deal to ensure that your business flourish. It gives you tips in keeping client records and works processes in the best arrangement. It upgrades your enterprise competition with its present-day expression.
    When you’re managing a business, there are a few fundamental things that you need in order to remain successful and go through the day to day operations. To

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  • urbvasy

    Click start → select All Programs → and then click on Window Packs → Nature Pack → then open the file Mystery.pak (there are 2 files named Mystery.pak, the other one is right click on the file and then open in Gallery). The pack will load on your desktop. Click the three dots in upper right corner of Mystery.pak and then select Custom installation and next select the directory where you want to install your pack. It’s not mandatory to install a 05e1106874 urbvasy

  • euptye

    Follow the link below to Avira Browser Safety for Firefox. And also check out the other versions of the tool for Chrome and Opera.


    Detects untrusted websites

    Blocks trackers and third-party contents

    Blocks ads

    Blocks unsafe ads

    Blocks redirections

    Blocking cookies

    Redirects you to the Avira home page

    Protects your Privacy!

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  • idridaw

    So, whether you are looking to get organized with your image archive, or update your library with new pictures, AnonymusViewer is only a click away.

    At the Free Download NowGames, we know how busy our customers are and we want them to get what they need right away. We make downloading all kinds of programs and other files quick and easy. It also just happens to be a great time saver. When you need a program, movie, sound file, or any
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  • vidafre

    Addition on going email marketing campaigns does not involve login/signup/development, add module includes “calendars & jobs module”, “loyalty program”, “free time tracking” and “subscribe/unsubscribe module”. The modules can be used individually to provide unlimited email campaigns.
    You can get email sender module for free – so check it out, to see if you…/*
    Copyright IBM
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  • annxil

    Azure, Visual Studio, C# and.NET are some of the best free tools to develop web based or mobile applications. The most amazing thing about Azure right now is Visual Studio 2015 Preview which includes the Visual Studio extension.NET core.

    While developing ASP.NET MVC Web Application on Visual Studio 2015 extension.NET Core gives us the option to use command line terminal interface of.NET Core. Also the.NET framework is very stable, flexible, and fully customizable.
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  • latuin

    Drag and drop is the way you change the size of the buttons and menus.
    If the buttons are going to be used, Free Web Buttons is going to save your time.

    Free Gallery Generator provides you with over 100 components for designing impressive web galleries.
    Almost everything that you need is packed into a nice GUI. Each of the components can be seen well in the form of pop-up that would switch from slide to image gallery. You also have a general filter that
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  • mirdaw

    ProtoMon Pro is the newest version of the previously released tool, but it still offers the same features available in the free edition. The program is now running on a 64-bit Windows 10 environment and the interface looks more uniform and clean. However, user upgrades are disabled in this version and you cannot access all the installation and uninstallation options.

    Modern Web Monitoring is a free web monitoring tool that allows you to check multiple web pages at once. This web-based program allows
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  • makfgran

    AbusePipe also can help you to keep spam at bay. By scanning your users‘ addresses, AbusePipe will alert you and your ISP to users who send spam (You can directly send them to appropriate ISP). You will be able to take down the offending users with ease.
    In addition, you and your users can get a taste of what it is like to use AbusePipe, as a user interface has been made a bit more for sensual purposes.
    The installation
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  • henger

    Dahlias can get large, big and strong, and their form is the result of evolution over 200 million years. Though the history of dahlias is long, well before records began the dahlia has also been both royalty of culture and part of our culture.
    The official Kaleidoscope 3.2 Beta 3 for Windows version 1.1 release is now available on WinUpdate.

    If you have the Kaleidoscope 3.2 Beta 3 for Windows version
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  • wasven

    cleanwerx is a proxy providing a clean unique web browsing experience without injecting or modifying web pages. You can go anywhere and surf the web anonymously, but you will get a unique web browsing experience.
    The web proxy is good for mobile devices to download torrents, video streaming sites, webmail, and other inconvenient activities.

    cleanwerx is a proxy providing a clean unique web browsing experience without injecting or modifying web pages. You can go anywhere and surf the web anonymously,!/?p=1305
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  • happfau

    Pros: built-in file navigator, user interface, downloadable content menu. Cons: limited number of presets (although the equalizer is OK), compatible with a limited number of audio formats.

    A while ago, I broke down the apps we’d like to recommend in previous posts. Among other things, we took a look on how every item performed, from usability to performance, in order to figure out which ones to keep you in the family. Since there are so many
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  • mauree

    Morris County, Kansas

    Morris County is a county located in the U.S. state of Kansas. As of the 2010 census, the county population was 3,754. Its county seat is Morris.

    Morris County was created by the Kansas Legislature on February 6, 1854. It was named for Robert Morris, the fifth President of the United States. In 1858, the first post office opened.

    According to the U
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  • armtal

    Fund Manager Advisor Features
    A nice interface with clear, customizable options
    Simple and practical home menu for quick actions
    Largest portfolio configuration of any desktop fund manager application
    Flexible import/export in various options
    Desktop fund manager with an intuitive interface
    See your portfolio
    Can export to Excel or PDF formats
    Can import from Excel and PDF files
    Create custom financial reports
    Open up to other accounts in your investment plan if you use a brokerage account
    Easily access your
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  • octpepp

    Mail Quota is a nice portable application that can be used to set your email quota. As a temporary solution, you can restore the default settings, but keep in mind that unused mail quota will delete in 30 days.
    · Use Winrar or similar to extract the archive
    · Launch MailQuota.exe
    · Click OK to close the program
    · Click Install
    · Follow the steps
    · A message box will open
    · Click Close
    · Click
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  • burxyl

    The optional server module serves to check up on the validity of license data
    Operational requirements
    – to comply to official Microsoft guidelines
    XpressUpdate is continuously being developed and revised by our own team. The current version is a completely new version of the current version of the XPressUpdate client module. There is not a lot of difference between the XPressUpdate client module in the current version and the XPressUpdate client module in the previous version – a lot of minor bugfixes
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  • thufid

    Display target messages on the screen while browsing for a win on the Internet or work on a project at home…
    • More programming functions than you can use!

    • Subliminal Translations:
    Subliminal Master is the first and only program available with offline programming ability, this means you can take into the field with you and then later download all your programming from anywhere into your PC using…

    Music file downloads of any subliminal suggestion files you downloaded!
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  • yoorogi

    The Snake ScreenSaver has very attractive design and after installation you will find it very easy to see at the top of your screen. The Menu allows you to customize the screen saver settings. Have fun. Freeware Download More

    Free Screensaver – Angry farmer flies through the air to avenge his crops and gets thrown into a swamp and laid over a spider web. A colourful and funny farm scene of a farmer in super hero / comic book style fighting the spider by using his wings
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  • palyal

    What’s new in 3.1.2
    – fixed problem, when importing Contacts from Yahoo Mail without a ContactID
    – fixed bug, when importing Contacts from Google’s Contacts (which was exporting in HTML)
    – fixed problem, when importing an email address and the mail server resolved it wrong (maybe it was identifying the server wrong as an alias)
    – fixed problem, when importing a tandard text file.
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  • cybtala

    [Pain patterns after nerve repair].
    Peripheral neuropathy affects women twice as often as in men, and also presents more frequently in diabetic patients. In the peripheral nervous system, the peripheral nerve fibre is indirectly innervated and the central contribution of the nerve fibres responsible for tension of the muscle and cutaneous sensation is, in time, completely replaced by central motor neuron fibres. Peripheral neuropathy can be secondary to damage to the nerve caused by a specific disease, as
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  • marpres

    If you wish to do manual or semi-manual or even automated settings for measuring root traits, I would strongly recommend using this program. I became accustomed to its uses after several weeks of t…

    This plug-in is primarily intended for use with the Windows platform and works with the free, Microsoft-supplied ImageJ 1.44p build, which includes a Java virtual machine. You can also use the Windows system or a MacOS version of ImageJ, but this functionality
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  • creafayi


    Decoding a character from NetworkStream into an integer in c#

    I have a NetworkStream of incoming data from a specific socket. This data is divided into two or three variables that each contain one character.
    string s;
    string query = client.ReceiveString();

    while (client.DataAvailable)
    s = client.ReadString();

    if (s == „top
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  • elfgar

    Pro Version Features

    Supports landscape as well as portrait mode
    You have the ability to create as many objects as you wish
    The Edit Properties panel allows you to change the icon, color or text



    15 minutes of free time


    Supported file formats


    Integrated online manual

    1 year
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  • talefar

    If you require a faster alternative than iRingg, you may want to have a look at Ringtone Maker for iPhone. This application allows you to harness the no limits of YouTube and Soundcloud by giving you full control over the audio track you can either save or upload to use as a ringtone online.
    In other words, Ringtone Maker offers a lot of options that iRingg does not and will therefore likely attract many individuals seeking a more versatile alternative. It is available from the
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  • vulbald

    2. Fast Photo Editor Download Full Version
    Image editing application Fast Photo Editor is used to modify JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PSD, GIF, JPG and other image files. The program supports various image editing tools that allow you to: fix red eye, change brightness, adjust contrast, sharpen an image, etc.
    The tool includes a variety of quality settings for different parts of the image. A special button leads you directly to the image conversion dialog (or you
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  • yottblan

    The program is not fancy but has understandable user interface that allows quick and simple operations. If you need to quickly convert the JPG images into PDF files, the tool is worth a try.

    QuickBASIC 4.5 Documentation Build version 16
    Download here :
    The QuickBASIC Compiler is a component that enables the creation of programs with the BASIC programming language. With this help
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  • elibren

    Moreover, the windows show you a small breakdown of the components and the afferent and total sums in case you need this data. As you may see, the Microsoft Excel workbook features a very simple interface with lots of colors and icons, which make it easy to use. Furthermore, you may easily track your expenses as well as plan your budget. Nevertheless, you may easily open the workbook using various software programs, as noted above.
    The estimation sheets (sheets 2, 3, and 4
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  • eveadel

    It is mainly focused on a lecture and allows you to study the lesson, plus the program may slow you down by displaying a flood of text and few images.


    English – United States






    File Size:

    24.9 MB



    The Perl computer package is a tool for processing data you obtain from a variety
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  • birisaar

    SMS Gateway is an application that offers you a full access to your contact list (plus the possibility to import contacts from selected online sources) while retaining the text messages you receive.
    As a matter of fact, thanks to the app you can easily access (and even read and edit) SMS, since they can be accessed by hovering the pointer over the application’s screen. Plus, you can even share mobile numbers with other people.
    Additionally, the program offers you a built-
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  • yeleradb

    Engine (JRE)
    ■ Web Server
    ■ MySQL Database
    ■ html/xml, ASP & Flash
    ■ Dialog
    ■ Connectivity
    If you already have a MSN account [with a free
    MSN ID] than you can create your SrevIM account
    by choosing it from If you have a
    MSN account, you don’t have to create an account
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  • amaphi

    So, what are you waiting for? Give FotoStation a shot!

    If you have worked in the photography field even for a little while, you probably realized that the job implies more than taking the actual photos. You also need to organize the output files, fine-tune their appearance or quickly locating certain items.

    FotoStation is an application that can help you perform all of these tasks, and many more on the side.

    Neatly organized GUI
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  • melvays

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    28AT Suction Mod Kit

    $ 14.95

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  • saunneil

    Can be used with data from area detectors.
    Can generate output for structure determination
    4.5 / 5

    What are the Benefits of Using the Converter app?

    You can easily merge single-crystal X-ray intensity without spending hours on job
    You can keep track of your time spent over the process in case you are interested in billing your clients
    4 / 5

    What do you need?

    You can use this app with data from point detectors.
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    Главная — Статьи — Подвесная и встроенная сантехника

    Подвесные унитазы и раковины вошли в моду лет десять назад. Все более популярными становятся и смесители, встроенные в стену. Но до сих пор многие задаются вопросом: на чем же они держатся?

    Унитаз, парящий над полом и соприкасающийся со стеной в одной точке, только на первый взгляд кажется ненадежным.

    Бояться нечего – подвесные модели способны выдерживать вес до 400 кг. И со сливным бачком все в порядке: он есть, просто спрятан, а на стене видны лишь клавиши управления сливом.

    Из-за специфики подвесных унитазов геометрия их чаш продумана весьма тщательно, что обеспечивает комфорт при эксплуатации. Благодаря встроенным на входе в чашу рассекателям вода с большой скоростью омывает унитаз по всему периметру.

    Долгое время инсталляционные системы для раковин и унитазов отличались незначительно. Однако не так давно компания Geberit научилась встраивать в монтажные элементы систему устранения запахов внутри чаши унитаза. Секрет невозможно увидеть – он спрятан за стеной. На клавише смыва расположен выключатель, запускающий систему отведения воздуха, который очищается с помощью угольного фильтра и очищенным вновь выходит внутрь комнаты. Энергосберегающий блок выключается автоматически через 10 минут, либо может быть выключен вручную той же кнопкой.

    Загрязненный воздух откачивается прямо из унитаза: понятно, что лучше забирать его в точке образования, а не ждать, пока он распространится по всему туалету. Это решение не маскирует запах, как освежитель воздуха, и не дает запаху заполнить помещение, как традиционная вентиляция.

    Еще одно существенное преимущество подвесных унитазов по сравнению с напольными (если не считать авангардного дизайна, ломающего стереотипы) – удобство уборки помещения. Промежуток между полом и днищем унитаза составляет примерно 15 см, поэтому у пыли и мусора нет возможности скапливаться – их легко убрать одним движением швабры.

    Распространенное мнение, что подвесной унитаз позволяет сэкономить пространство, не более, чем миф. Бачок, невидимый снаружи, все равно нужно куда-то девать, да и конструкция, к которой крепится сам унитаз, занимает порядочно места. Зато пустое пространство над перегородкой, которая скрывает установочную раму, рачительный хозяин без труда использует. Например, под полки.

    Установка подвесного унитаза или раковины начинается с монтажной конструкции, которую чаще всего называют «инсталляционной системой». Квалифицированному мастеру требуется не более 25 минут, чтобы полностью установить на голой стене систему инсталляции, только что вынутую из коробки.

    Инсталляционные системы бывают двух типов – в зависимости от того, какая стена оказывается за подвесным прибором: несущая или легкая. В первом случае стальная рама глубиной 165 мм крепится непосредственно к стене, во втором более мощная и объемная конструкция (стандартная глубина 180 мм) устанавливается на пол и надежно фиксируется.

    Внутри рамы размещается сливной бачок, к ней же подвешивается чаша унитаза или умывальника. Не нужно думать, что несущая стена – это капитальная стена дома. Строители могут выложить ее из кирпичей в процессе ремонта, а стальную раму разместить в промежутке за нею. Но в любом случае рама отгораживается от помещения санузла перегородкой.

    Монтажные конструкции для подвесной сантехники производят многие фирмы, причем некоторые из них делают и саму сантехнику (преимущественно унитазы), а некоторые – нет. Подбирать инсталляционную систему той же марки, что и унитаз, необязательно: продукция любого производителя подходит ко всем моделям, удовлетворяющим европейским стандартам. В частности, расстояние между крепежными шпильками должно быть 160 или 200 мм. Регламентируется также расстояние между входной трубой сливного бачка и выходной трубой унитаза. Часто к импортной установочной раме подвешивают унитаз российского производства.

    Высоту, на которую подвешивается санехнический прибор, можно варьировать. Для этого стальная крепежная рама оснащается выдвижными ножками для упора в пол.

    Инсталляционные системы трапециевидной формы позволяют установить унитаз или раковину в углу помещения.

    Некоторые модели установочных рам снабжены специальной рельсой, на которую можно повесить сразу несколько приборов: унитаз, раковину и биде. Это позволяет разгрузить стену.

    Сливной бачок можно скрыть за фальшстеной и в случае с напольным унитазом. Мощная стальная рама для этого не понадобится.

    Для подвесных биде разработаны собственные инсталляционные решения. Поскольку бачок им не нужен, слив устроен по-другому: рама встраивается в пол, а к ней подвешивается чаша биде.

    Для максимального удобства монтажа инсталляционных систем можно использовать готовые сантехнические модули из высококачественного пенобетона, внутри которых уже имеются все функциональные элементы.

    Отремонтировать подвесной унитаз сложнее, чем обычную напольную модель с открытым сливным бачком. Чаще всего из строя выходит механизм слива, расположенный внутри бачка, а он в обоих случаях один и тот же. Ничего более надежного производители подвесных унитазов пока не придумали. А доступ к спрятанному за стенкой бачку ограничен ревизионным люком.

    Однако достоинств у встроенной сантехники больше. Неслучайно в Австрии, Германии, Голландии, Италии и Швейцарии 75% туалетных комнат жилых домов оснащены подвесными унитазами.

    Спрятать в стену можно и смеситель. Разумеется, не целиком, а лишь его рабочий механизм — картридж. Ручки управления, которыми регулируются напор, температура воды и переключение в режим душа, остаются снаружи.

    Зачем это нужно? В основном для красоты. Многие современные дизайнерские коллекции используют именно такой вариант.

    Чтобы встроить картридж, в стене выдалбливается ниша, куда помещается механизм смесителя. К нему подводятся трубы горячей и холодной воды (в картридже могут быть один или два отвода, в зависимости от того, предусмотрено ли переключение на разные источники или нет).

    Не нужно думать, что «замуровать» можно только смесители для раковины или ванны. В некоторых душевых кабинах вся арматура тоже спрятана в стену, а снаружи торчат лишь душевая лейка, гидромассажные форсунки и ручки управления (при этом во время инсталляции задается любая их высота).

    Смесители, в свою очередь, способны спрятаться не только в стене, но и в столешнице, в которую встроена раковина. Такая возможность буквально подхлестнула конструкторов и дизайнеров. Например, многие кухонные краны теперь снабжены встроенной системой фильтрации воды. Сама по себе такая комбинированная модель дороже обычной, но ее приобретение обойдется дешевле, чем покупать отдельно смеситель и фильтр.

    По материалам журнала «Квартирный ответ».

    Ванная комната: планирование и декор

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